Flying Panda Gifts, located in Menlo Park, California, offers a unique selection of gifts for people…and pets, as well as for people who love nature and the great outdoors. We began as a catalog company in the mid-1980s, and we went online with our catalog in 1998.

So, What About Our Name?

As we all know, the Giant Panda and many other animals are greatly endangered. Many pets are deeply loved, but others, well; their lives are endangered in other ways. To us, our Flying Panda represents all the possibilities of what could be in an animal-friendly world.

Even though Flying Panda Gifts is an established business, we're still a small company with big dreams. Our desire is to grow at a rate that lets us continue to provide top quality products and excellent customer service. We also hope to provide our customers with the broadest selection of breed-specific items-all featuring dogs, cats, and horses. And, finally, we take great pride in presenting the artwork of leading artists on many of the products we offer you.

Customers Come First

As we continue to grow, you can rest assured, we will continue to put our customers first, while we help foster a real love and respect for animals in homes or running wild wherever they are on Planet Earth. Until Pandas do fly, we have to do our part.

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Flying Panda Gifts
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